If you have been victimized or have the potential to be victimized, I recommend a Security Survey of your environment: residence, office, or venue. I will view your environment, engage in a one-on-one conversation with you and/or other environment occupants, and listen to your concerns. Additionally, I will assist with identifying any potential security/safety deficiencies/concerns that I observe and suggest strategies/resources so that you have a better grasp of what you might want to do (or which specialist to hire) in order to harden your environment and implement any safety practices… so that the possibility of future unforeseen incidents can be reduced.

TESTIMONIALS (refer to my LinkedIn page)​​

Feedback from a Home Owner
We hired Wade MacAdam to perform a safety/security inspection of our house. Wade arrived on time and prepared. His analysis was thorough as well as VERY informative and helpful! I would highly recommend his services to anyone wishing to live in a safer environment. We will definitely be making changes to better protect ourselves thanks to Wade and MacAdam Protection Strategies!

Feedback from a Business Professional
Petty crime is on the rise and now it is more important than ever to think about security at your home and place of business. I can highly recommend a security audit by Wade from MacAdam Protection Strategies, it's worth every penny. Wade will evaluate your current security level in excruciating detail and come up with security recommendations that go way beyond anything you have ever thought about. I can guarantee you, not only will your eyes be opened about the security risks you are exposing yourself to but you will also learn simple strategies to mitigate security risks. Wade knows his stuff. This is probably the best money I spent in some time.
Feedback from an E-learning Product Development Manager
Wade MacAdam provides clear instruction and his content contains a vas variety of examples. His students provided positive feedback about his webinars.

Feedback from a General Manager at a Construction Company
DW MacAdam provided our company a top notch security audit of our construction sites. Wade was easy to communicate with, thorough in his investigations and provided thoughtful, practical recommendations. We received written reports, as well as a discussion meeting to review the information. The reports provided were organized and comprehensive. Wade is knowledgeable about city agencies and security service options. He provided contact information and pricing for various options of service. I highly recommend Wade MacAdam for any security consulting project.

Feedback from a Security Professional
Wade MacAdam, MBA, CPD, is an engaging presenter, instructor, and security professional. I had the pleasure of attending a workshop at ITT College of Criminal Justice where he presented on successful executive protection detail planning and delivery. From college students to seasoned security veterans, all took something new away from his presentation.

Feedback from a Protection Specialist /Investigator
DW MacAdam is a true professional that takes pride in his work. He is dependable, hardworking and trustworthy and he goes above and beyond to meet the needs of his clients.

Feedback from a Security Consultant and Training Specialist
Wade is an excellent speaker and extremely knowledgeable in the field of Executive Protection. We worked together on an Executive Protection Symposium that was a success in large part to Wade’s efforts.

Feedback from a Vice President/CFO-Controller
Wade MacAdam is professional and helpful with his security recommendations. He is an asset to have on anyone's resource list.


In conjunction with your on-going dignitary/executive protection assignment or your general investigation, I can be an additional resource to aid/supplement your protection advance work analysis/surveys so that you can protect your person/environment more efficiently or aid/supplement your investigation so that you have time to focus on your other client matters.

NOTICE: All client meetings, information obtained, viewed spaces (either proposed or existing), potential deficiencies, and suggested strategies are considered confidential and cannot be released without client’s approval. ​​​​

If you are designing an environment and you feel that it might possess the potential to be victimized, I recommend an Architectural Plan Review of your planned or designed environment. I will meet with you and your design team and view sketches, drawings, or models of your proposed environment. Additionally, I will assist with identifying any potential security/safety deficiencies/concerns that I observe and suggest strategies/resources to harden your environment… so that any future potential countermeasures or devices can be initially identified and implemented into the design.

In conjunction with one of the above services or due to your recent victimization to a particular crime or situation, I can assist you with examining potential safety/security products that might benefit your situation.​​

I teach CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) domestically (for California POST) and internationally via the following organizations:

American Academy of Environmental Engineers - AAEES
American Institute of Architects - AIA
American Institute of Certified Planners/American Planning Association - AICP
American Society of Interior Designers - ASID
American Society of Landscape Architects (LA CES) - ASLA

Interior Design Continuing Education Council - IDCEC
Interior Designers of Canada - IDC
International Interior Design Association - IIDA
National Council for Interior Design Qualification - NCIDQ
National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies - NICET
National Kitchen & Bath Association - NKBA

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Canada - Alberta Engineer
Canada - British Columbia Architect
Canada - British Columbia Engineer
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