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        ​Reducing fear and adopting changes
Potential Victims
        Enhancing toward a safer environment​
the General Public
        Above, plus: Security vendor vetting
​• Home Owners Associations
        ​Above, plus: Security guard vetting
Small Businesses
        Above to provide safe environment for customers, staff, and product​
        Above, plus improving your service to customers​
Property Managers​
        Above, plus safety presentations​ for residents
        Considerations for Schematic, DD, and CD phases
Security Professionals
        Serving as a Bay Area resource for your assignment​
A security consultant can assist you with:

   Your need for assistance (combat burglaries)
   Your need for improvement (address a threat against you)
   Gauge the effectiveness ​​​of an existing plan or system (design overlapping countermeasures of protection)

​​A security consultant can assist with combating a current or potential threat via three countermeasures:              Organized Security, Mechanical Security, or Natural Security.

Organized Security consists of a human presence, such as:  authorized inhabitants, in-house staff, contracted guards, or coordinating with law enforcement.​​

Mechanical Security consists of security technologies, such as: intrusion alarms, video systems, e911, or others.​​

Natural Security consists of CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design).​​

These are beneficial for your residence, office, or venue.​​

Most people believe an intrusion alarm and/or video system is enough to combat a threat.  Security-related countermeasures should be overlapping and abundant.

As with the octopus (whose protection strategies include intelligence, speed, venom, ink, camouflage, a beak, and more... all without an interior nor exterior skeleton), we too can deploy a variety of defenses to combat a threat.